Sophie Conran Gauntlets

Protect your hands and arms in luxury with the Sophie Conran Ladies Gauntlets, 34cm long cotton cuffed garden gauntlets available in a delectable powder blue or raspberry colour scheme...More information

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Protect your hands and arms from garden nasties like brambles, roses and thorny shrubs such as pyracantha in luxury with the Sophie Conran Gauntlets, 34cm long cotton cuffed garden gauntlets in a delectable powder blue and rasberry colours.

The tough, hardwearing but ultra soft palm and finger fabric, palm pad (no excessive secateur use blisters with these gauntlets) and knuckle protector contrast with the cool cotton cuffs giving forearms protection and don't worry if the gauntlets get wet - the fabric will stay supple. Elegant, sophisticated and ultra protective, you'll never want to take the Sophie Conran gauntlets off!

  • Sophie Conran ladies gauntlets measure 34cm in length
  • Exquisite powder blue or raspberry with a storm cloud colour combination
  • Padded palm to prevent blisters
  • Knuckle protectors to prevent painful scrapes and injuries
  • Soft palm and finger fabric stays supple when wet
  • Cool cotton cuffs protect forearms
  • Ideal for pruning, cutting and clearing
  • Wear when dealing with thorny bushes, shrubs and undergrowth
  • Ideal gift idea

"These gloves are amazing to wear when I’m pruning & cutting – soft, supple and beautiful. The extra-long cuffs keep my arms free from scratches and allergies and the palm re-enforcements keep blisters at bay". Sophie Conran

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