Leather Gauntlets

Handmade in the UK!

These superb British-made thorn resistant Leather Gauntlet gloves are a 'must have' item when working near brambles or nettles providing superb protection for your hands and forearms...More information

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The leather gauntlets were highly recommended in both Garden Answers and Telegraph Gardening and it's hardly suprising; quality on this scale doesn't come along that often and when you consider the gardening gauntlets are hand made in Shropshire in a traditional tannery, it's clear they are a special purchase.

These long armed leather gardening gloves offer unrivalled protection from thorns, brambles and nettles, in fact there is not much in the garden that will get the better of them!   

  • Leather gauntlets hand made in traditional Shropshire tannery
  • Available in Ladies and Mens sizes
  • Offer unrivalled protection from thorns, nettles and brambles
  • Ideal for garden clearance work and pruning
  • Fend off prickly and irritating plants
  • 20cm gauntlet cuff gives wrist and forearm protection
  • Outstanding quality
  • Ideal gardening gift

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Kitchen GardenFebruary 2016

Product Reviews - Gardening Gloves

These are made from gold grain leather an have been specially treated to resist water. The extended cuffs offer additional protection to wrists and forearms. Ladies and Men's gloves are available. KG Verdict - Stylish gloves, very comfortable and providing all-round water resistance. They are thick but flexible, the extended gauntlet is perfect for pruning or working with prickly shrubs. ***** star

Telegraph Gardening10th October 2005

Excellent for chopping back.

Number of Articles: 3
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