Soil Warming Cable

These Electric Soil Warming Cables provide an extra 8 to 12 degrees of heat for rapid germination and faster growth of your seeds and seedlings, supplied complete with mains plug, full instructions and 2 year guarantee...More information

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These electric Soil Heating Cables can be used to turn greenhouse staging into your plant propagation headquarters, Just choose the size of cable best suited to the area you wish to cover and enjoy the rapid germination and faster growth of seeds and seedlings the extra 8 to 12 degrees C of heat encourages. Each cable comes complete with mains plug, full instructions and 2 year guarantee.

  • Bottom heat promotes faster germination and growth
  • Cables manufactured from flexible silicone
  • Capable of raising the ambient temperature by 8-12 degrees C
  • Comes complete with a 3-pin plug which flips open to reveal a 2-pin type for connection to thermostat (not supplied)
  • IP68 rated for safe greenhouse use
  • Suitable for use in a terrarium or aquarium
  • 2 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Each cable has 1m unheated section (marked by red line) to aid installation

    Available lengths (including 1m unheated section), coverage and outputs:
  • 4.3m (25w) cable covers 0.4 sq m
  • 6m (50w) cable covers 0.8 sq m 


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How to Use Soil Warming Cables

Providing a source of heat at the base of seed trays, containers and pots will help encourage seeds to germinate and seedlings to grow strongly, giving them an essential head-start in life.  

Soil warming cables are an ideal way to provide this heat; they are flexible and very easy to use. In fact, constructing your own propagation area in the greenhouse is one of the easiest, yet most rewarding projects you can tackle. Here’s how to do it...

Firstly, you’ll need a suitable section of greenhouse staging or benching. A tray is best as you’ll need to cover the cables with sand, but try to avoid painted surfaces (the heat can discolour them) and check the tray surface is free of sharp objects – piercing the cable means it cannot be used.  

Next, select the length of cable for the size of area you want to heat then lay the cable in loops, roughly 8-9cm apart. Cover the looped cable with sand to a depth of 1-2cm then place your seed trays or pots on the heated sand bed.

Although the cables will raise the ambient soil temperature in the trays by 8-12 degrees C, you can influence the heat generated by the cable by placing material beneath. For example, to create a cooler propagation bed, position a paving slab or similar underneath the cables; and use polystyrene for a warmer bed.

Finally, you can gain even greater control over the performance of the cables by installing a thermostat. Each cable is supplied with a standard UK 3-pin plug, allowing the cables to be plugged into the mains, and if the screw is removed from the centre of the plug casing the top will flip up to reveal a European 2-pin version; ideal for plugging into a thermostat!