Sneeboer Lawn Aerator

The traditional hand forged Sneeboer Lawn Aerator easily removes cores from the lawn to relieve compaction and encourage air circulation, key for strong grass root growth...More information

Pack Content: single item
Size: 107cm L x 23cm W
Product Code: GGT-899
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
Price: £84.95
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A good looking lawn is the key to your garden's general appearance and you'll be rewarded for a stint with the Sneeboer Lawn Aerator by a glorious green carpet!

Combine innovative design with traditional hand forging methods and the result is a tool to be proud of - and one which helps breath new life into heavily compacted and well-used areas of grass. The two hollow tine aeration spikes - each 11cm (4") deep and 1cm (¼") in diameter - remove a core from the lawn, and this material in turn is expelled when you make the next holes with the 107cm (42") long Sneeboer Lawn Aerator. The 23cm wide crossbar gives the perfect foothold to exert downward pressure and we're confident the Sneeboer Lawn Aerator will meet with both your, and your lawn's approval!

  • Sneeboer Lawn Aerator measures 107cm (42") overall
  • 2 hollow tines are 10cm (4") deep and 2cm dia. taper to 1cm
  • 23cm wide crossbar allows tines to be easily pushed into soil by foot
  • Hollow tines remove a core from the lawn creating essential air spaces for grass roots
  • Perfect for use on heavily used and compacted lawns
  • Cores are pushed out of top of tines on next use
  • Head manufactured from stainless steel
  • Quality ash handle
  • Aerate between September and May
  • Cores left on lawn surface break down and add nutrients to soil

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