Slug Copper Bands

With slugs and snails consistently featuring in the top 3 of the RHS Garden Pest List, these attractive Slug Copper Bands will form an impenetrable barrier protecting your vulnerable plants...More information

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The Slug Bands are supplied as a pack of 5 Copper Strips which can be used to create a circle around individual plants or easily linked together to form larger barriers to stop marauding slugs and snails. Copper gives slugs an unpleasant sensation when their sensitive nerve endings make contact with the copper acting as a great deterrant. 

These simple to use copper slug defence strips will give year on year service protecting countless salads, cabbages and hostas and are available in a pack of 5 - each band measuring 59cm long by 7cm high.   

Extra Value - Save £2 when buying twin packs (10 bands in total) of Large Slug Copper Bands!

  • Large Slug Copper Bands supplied in packs of 5 Copper Strips
  • Large Copper Bands are 59cm (23") long and will form protective rings measuring 17.5cm (7") in diameter by 7cm (2") H
  • Bands are pushed 12mm (½") into the soil
  • Easily linked to create larger circles
  • Will protect both established plants and seedlings
  • Ensure area to be protected is free of snails and slugs before positioning barrier
  • Children, pet and wildlife friendly
  • No risk to the environment
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ages naturally and takes on an attractive weathered verdigris finish
  • Save with Extra Value twin packs of Large Slug Copper Bands

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Grow Your Own4th August 2008

"The bands were incredibly easy to use: you just slot them together into rings or rectangles and push into the ground. They can be used time and time again."

Number of Articles: 1
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