Roman Arch for Garden Entrance

"The arch is sturdy even in the latest winds. I can only say we are delighted".
Mr Barker, Yorkshire

Mr Barker contacted Harrod Horticultural's made to measure service to request a high, wide Roman Garden Arch for a pre existing opening which would become the garden entrance from the patio. The Roman Arch needed to look in proporotion with the large garden and patio area. Measurements were supplied by the customer and the design team created a CAD drawing to reflect the requested sizes, which was approved by the customer.

"Here are the pictures of the arch duly installed and as you can see the trees are already two years old and have been applied to the arch. We wanted a high and wide arch to allow objects to go through easily without any hassle. The garden is large with an area of trees and the patio sits about 3 feet above the arch and so the large size of the arch fits in well with the appearance of the garden.

The arch was easy to install having made pre-installation holes with a large crowbar. The arch is sturdy even in the latest winds. I can only say we are delighted." 

Mr Barker, Yorkshire

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