Raised Bed Irrigation Kit

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This 'click & drip' Raised Bed Irrigation Kit will efficiently irrigate all types of raised bed with the minimum of fuss and it comes complete with all the fixtures and fittings you'll need - just add a tap, 'click' the components together and your raised bed soil will stay 'drip'-fed moist and well watered all year round
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Pack Content: Single Item
Size: 15m L
Product Code: GWT-038
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Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Simple and quick to install, this extremely effective raised bed watering system relies on a 4mm diameter, 15m length of totally flexible drip irrigation pipe which can be laid to suit your planting and contains irrigation points at 30cm intervals - 50 holes per 15 metres - that each release approximately 1 litre of water per hour. 

As the pipe lays on the soil, the water is delivered right where it's needed and evaporation is thwarted; not only that, but a 4mm diameter 5m length of blank pipe helps transfer the water from the tap to the bed with no wasted drips and in-line filtration throughout the irrigation pipe also prevents blockage from any debris and lime scale, so you can safely hide the pipe under soil whilst it is also pressure regulated to ensure an even flow.

15m kit will water approximately 5sqm - ideal for our 6ft x 6ft, 6ft x 8ft and 8ft x 8ft raised beds

  • Raised Bed Irrigation Kit delivers water through a flexible 4mm diameter, 15m long pre-drilled irrigation pipe
  • Kit comes with all neccessary fixtures and fittings
  • 5m of non-drip blanking pipe also included
  • Designed for raised bed watering but can be used on ornamental beds and borders
  • Ideal for allotment and vegetable patch use
  • Simple and quick to install - just click and drip!
  • Run from a mains tap - contains a 'male' hozelock ¾" tap connector
  • Inline filter prevents blockage from debris or limescale
  • Irrigation pipe pre-drilled with watering points at 30cm intervals - 50 holes per 15 metres
  • Delivers approximately 1 litre of water per hour from each irrigation outlet
  • Lay pipe in loops allowing 30cm between each
  • Fits an 8ft x 6ft raised bed
  • Full instructions included

Raised Bed Irrigation Kit Contents List

  • ¾" male hozelock tap connector
  • 50cm section of standard diameter hosepipe including 'female' hozelock connectors at each end
  • In-line Filter Unit
  • 5m of 4mm diameter blank distribution pipe
  • 15m of 4mm diameter flexible irrigation pipe

Top Tip! Use the above components in the order listed to set-up your Raised Bed Irrigation Kit starting from the mains tap.

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