Irrigatia Solar Automatic Irrigation Kit

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The Irrigatia Solar Automatic Irrigation Kit requires no mains water supply or electricity and it won't waste your valuable water butt collected and stored water by irrigating garden plants when the weather is cloudy or overcast
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The Irrigatia Solar Automatic Irrigation Kit requires no mains water supply or electricity and it won't waste your valuable water butt-collected and stored water by irrigating garden plants when the weather is cloudy or overcast; instead, this ingenious solar powered pump system will automatically spring into life when the sun beats down and your plants need moisture the most.

The engine room of the system is the pump unit which is simply mounted above a water butt (you'll need to supply your own water butt!) and pumps water every three hours - the quantity delivered depends on the sunshine hours and the position of the control knob.

Water is delivered to your plants by the 12 dripper nozzles, 15m of distribution piping and all the various fixings you'll need and is ideal for irrigating raised beds, open borders and even greenhouse watering. The more sun the more it waters - waters every 3 hours

The Irrigatia Solar Irrigation Kit is available in two size options, provides a simple and highly effective solution to garden watering - just add water (and a water butt)!

  • Irrigatia Solar Irrigation Kit requires no mains water or electricity
  • Available in two size options:
  • Includes 15m of distribution pipe, 12 dripper nozzles and stakes
  • SOL-C12 Automatic watering for up to 5 large hanging baskets or 12 x 20 litre pots
  • SOL-C24 Automatic watering for up to 10 large hanging baskets or 24 x 20 litre pots (plus Free Extension Kit)
  • The Free extension 12 dripper extension kit extends the SOL-C24 option to a 24 dripper system with 30m of tube.
  • Kit comprises of pump unit, tubing and dripper nozzles
  • Pump houses solar charged battery
  • Water only delivered when required in sunny conditions unlike timer-run systems
  • Use with a water butt or other storage tank (not supplied)
  • Pump unit has adjustable water quantity setting
  • Water delivered every 3 hours
  • Quantity of water pumped varies with sunshine hours and control knob setting
  • Ideal for holiday watering
  • Uses up to 90% less water than a hose
  • All neccessary fittings included
  • Full easy installation and operating instructions supplied
  • Waterwand should not be positioned more than 20m from water butt and no more than 2m higher than the water butt. 
  • Ideal for use in raised beds, open borders, vegetable plots and even hanging baskets
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Caveat Emptor By Barrie Young 3 6th July 2014

In general; good concept poorly engineered. The rechargeable batteries supplied failed after one day. The tube/pump connectors are a joke and the pump leaks within the casing. The low waterlevel alarm failed within a week. This item looks like a late add on with the cable crudely 'gunged' into a hole drilled in the casing. Before I bought this product I thought what a great concept and was prepared to buy a second for another area but now I think that I will wait until someone produces a better engineered alternative.

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Many thanks for your feedback which is much appreciated as we strive to improve both the products we supply and the service we provide our customers. We will certainly pass your comments on to the manufacturers of this product and await their feedback. However, in the meantime if you would like to return the item for a full refund please contact our Customer Service dept on 0333 400 6400 who will be happy to arrange a collection and a refund for you.

Seems alright so far ... By Anonymous 4 26th April 2012

Bought this early Spring, and it won't be really tested until tomato time in the greenhouse. Seems reliable enough so far. The plastic connectors look a bit fragile, and I'm taking great care not to snap one. Was a bit surprised to see "suitable for 5 large hanging baskets" on the box, didn't see that on the website, maybe I missed it. I've always found these automatic waterers a bit unreliable. So far, points above aside, this one looks pretty good.

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irrigatia solar automatic irrigation kit By Anonymous 4 5th September 2011

the kit is efficient although there are some limitation in delivering the water pressure to the end of the "pipeline"! this applies to larger greenhouses where some of the pots are on 5/6 foot high shelves. It is vital to have a water butt outside high enough to help with pressure. Ours is a 500 litres one! Design ok, very much better than the previous black box, larger solar panel, better pump, the whole structure seems to be more reliable, in october batteries need to be charged up, disconnected and stored in a warm place if we want them to work the next season together with the device.

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Which GardeningMarch 204

Product Review

The simplicity of the system is one of its key selling points. You don’t need to have an outside tap, you don’t need a hose pipe and you don’t need any power source other than the sun. This makes it ideal not only for the patio but for a greenhouse or allotment where you should be able to set up a water butt and keep your tomatoes and other vegetables in good shape even if you can’t get down to water them. Verdict: Pros: Simple, flexible, eco-friendly and especially useful during a hose pipe ban. Cons: A bit fiddly to put together, though no more than other irrigation systems.

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