Protecting hostas from slugs & Wind Breaks

Dear Lynn

Do you think if I plant hostas in my rockery and spread pebbles around will this deter slugs?

I want to protect my hydrangeas from the weather of the open field behind them. Do you think bamboo screening or that stiff green plastic mesh will protect them sufficiently?



Dear Jenny

Oh slugs and snails the bane of a gardener’s life!

Unfortunately pebbles alone will not deter slugs – if only.  What I can suggest is to sprinkle Advanced Slug Killer Pellets around your Hosta plants.  They look like small pebbles so will camouflage nicely in with your pebbles on your rockery.  To be extra safe you could use Slug Copper Rings  and put the Advanced Slug Killer Pellets inside the rings.

Regarding your Hydrangeas, bamboo screening will act as a wind barrier but it will need to be securely fixed to posts to avoid the wind blowing it away!  Harrod do sell Windbreak & Shade Netting that you could use to protect from the winds coming across the fields, available in 3 different widths complete with eyelets for holding in place. 

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton
Horticultural Advisor