Slug Copper Rings (large)

The Original Slug Copper Rings!

Slug Copper Rings put the brakes on the gardener's biggest enemy, slugs, as they are unable to attack plants surrounded by one of these copper rings...More information

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The Original Slug Copper Rings form a physical barrier around plants and also gives slugs an unpleasant shock-like sensation when they try and cross or climb the copper, caused by a reaction between the metal and the mucus they rely on to move.

These quality copper rings have a rolled top edge for easily handling, are easy to clip together to form a reliable barrier and will last for years slowly weathering to a dull finish, but remaining just as effective.

The Slug Copper Rings are supplied in a pack of 6 which fit inside each other ranging from 17cm to 18cm diameter. 

  • Large rings measure from 17cm to 18cm across
  • Supplied as a pack of 6
  • Rolled top edge for easy handling
  • Slug Copper Rings form a physical barrier round the plant
  • Shock-like sensation deters the slug should it attempt to scale the copper
  • Rings pull apart to enable them to be removed from climbers or bushy plants
  • When applying, ensure that the area is free from slugs and that no leaves are touching the surrounding soil
  • Copper will dull quickly after handling and exposure to weather
  • Weathered Slug Copper Rings turn a brown colour and blend with the soil
  • Discoloured ring does not affect performance

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Amateur GardeningMay 2016

Slug Barriers - Man the barricades - Julia Heaton looks for the best controls for the slimy pests

5***** for Performance, simple and quick to push into the soil (checking for slugs first). There's no doubt these were the easiest to use and most attractive, taking on a pleasant looking brown patina after a few weeks. Very easy to pull apart and move to another site when required.

Number of Articles: 1
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