Pop-Up Grow Cloches (Large)

The Pop-Up Grow Cloches deal with all weather changes in the garden and will provide instant protection against unexpected frosts, wind, birds and garden pests...More information

Product Code: GCF-004
Availability: Sorry, no longer available.

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Deal with sudden changes in the weather with the very handy garden Pop-Up Grow Cloche - the instant remedy to unexpected frosts, wind, birds and pest attacks in the garden!

Simply pop open the heavy duty polyethylene cloche and cover individual plants, trays of seedlings, pot plants and new transplants or use to warm the soil prior to planting and bring on your plants early or late in the season – we’re sure plenty of other potential uses for this 'quick cloche' will pop into your head!

The grow cloche is available in three sizes, features ventilation holes to prevent excess humidity and allow essential air flow and comes complete with four ground anchoring pegs - needless to say, this cloche is about as portable as it gets!
  • Pop-Up Grow Cloches available in large size only
  • Measures 48cm x 48cm x 57cm H
  • The large cloche supplied in packs of 2
  • Pops up in an instant
  • Simple to fold away and store
  • Ideal for protecting single plants or shrubs
  • Use to cover pot plants
  • Offers protection from weather and pests
  • Suitable for covering seed trays
  • Excellent for warming soil prior to planting
  • Comes with 4 ground anchoring pegs
  • Features ventilation holes
  • Cover plants in seconds
  • Much easier than wrestling with fleece or polythene

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Our horticulturalist says; "A cloche really opens up your early and late season growing options and with the protection given to plants by these pop up versions, you can start sowing and growing as soon as light levels allow.
These cloches can be used to warm the soil prior to planting as well and once your plants are established, you'll really appreciate the space they don't take up in your potting shed and just how quickly they 'spring' into action.
The pop-up cloches are also ideal for protecting individual plants and shrubs from damaging late spring frosts - just keep a close eye on the weather forecast!"