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Pavilion Fruit Cage

The elegant Pavilion Fruit Cage with sweeping curves reminiscent of our Decorative Peak Roof Walk-In Steel Fruit Cage, is likely to be just as popular with the gardener as it is unpopular with the local birds.
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Pack Content: Kit Form
Size: 2.5m W x 5m L & 3m W x 6m L
Price: From £1,242.00
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The elegant Pavilion Fruit Cage with sweeping curves reminiscent of our Decorative Peak Roof Walk-In Steel Fruit Cage, is likely to be just as popular with the gardener as it is unpopular with the local birds.

Boasting two dry brushed gold pineapple finials on top, the Pavilion Cage is fitted with a centrally mounted door in the longer side, allowing you to make a real garden feature of this stunning cage. The Pavilion Fruit Cage is available in two sizes (2.5m wide by 5m long and 3m wide by 6m long) and boasts a headroom of 2.85m and 3.37m respectively.

You'll find the framework bears all the hallmarks of our existing cage designs - 25mm square by 1.5mm thick, galvanised inside and out, black powder coated steel no less - and with our tried and trusted 16mm extra heavy duty square mesh keeping the sides secure, the knotted 19mm mesh which sweeps up the roof tops the look off in style.  

The door is supplied as standard and consists of the same steel framework along with an anti-drop hinge, extra strength support brace and secure sliding catch and accompanying the door are all the clips, pegs and ties you'll need along with footplates for greater rigity and strength in exposed locations. 

  • Designed and manufactured by us in the UK
  • 10 year framework guarantee
  • Pavilion Walk-In Steel Fruit Cage available in two sizes
  • Smaller Pavilion Cage measures 2.5m w x 5m L x 2.85m H (at tallest internal point)
  • Larger cage is 3m W x 6m L x 3.37m H (again at tallest internal point)
  • Height to top of door frame is 2m
  • Supplied complete with door, side and roof netting, pegs, clips, ties and footplates for each upright
  • Unique 25mm x 1.5mm wall square section steel framework provides exceptional strength
  • Steel Framework is fully galvanised and matt black polyester powder coated for a weatherproof finish
  • Black flush fitting connectors include steel inserts for greater strength and rigidity
  • 16mm extra heavy duty side netting
  • 19mm knotted net roof netting
  • Door is centrally mounted on longer side
  • Anti-drop hinge, extra strength support brace and secure sliding catch on door
  • Footplates provide greater stability i exposed locations
  • Ground sockets provide even greater strength if required
  • 2 dry brushed gold pineapple design finials adorn top of Pavilion Cage
  • Additional doors can be added - please contact our Customer Services Team for full details
  • Pavilion Cage not designed for use with steel braces
  • We recommend removing the netting over winter to prevent any potential damage from heavy snow and high winds

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Installing your cage on a sloping site? Can't see the size you want?
Contact our Made to Measure team:-

Product Reviews

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1. What are the benefits of purchasing a steel fruit cage from you, rather than from another company?
Our steel cages are made using square tubing, whereas other companies use round tubing; 25mm square tubing is stronger than 25mm round section tube. Also, our connectors are plastic coated solid steel with square sections, again making them stronger. Other companies’ connectors are of a different design that simply screws to the tops of the uprights. Also, our door is far superior to most others because it has a support brace for strength, a footplate for the upright to hold it firmly in place, and a door catch. The support brace prevents the door frame from ‘dropping’ out of shape, which could allow a gap to appear above the door frame, which in turn, could allow birds to enter.

Of course it's easy to dismiss competitor's cages and praise our own design but we hope the information above gives plenty of substance to our claims!  

2. What are the benefits of purchasing a steel walk-in fruit cage, rather than an aluminium one?
Steel cages are stiffer and feel more rigid than aluminium. Our steel cages are supplied with galvanised, powder coated square tubing which allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee. Steel cages also tend to look better in the garden as their black framework allows them to blend in better to the garden.

3. How many ground sockets would I need for my fruit cage?
These make installation of your uprights much easier and the cage more rigid in softer soils as they sink into the ground further and are a snug fit on the uprights. However they can be difficult to drive into stony hard baked soil areas. Please contact ourCustomer Services Department or call us 0845 218 5301 to find out exactly how many are required for your cage or see our Steel Fruit Cage Footplates and Sockets Guide for an instant answer.


4. Can I order extra parts for my fruit cage e.g. spare connectors?
Yes, you may. The component parts for our fruit cages are not currently advertised on our website, so please contact our Customer Services Department or call us 0845 218 5301 to order.

5. Can I see one of these cages already installed?
Being a mail order company, we do not have our products on display. You may however visit one of our show or reference gardens dotted around the country. Please visit our Show Gardens section for more information and contact details.

6. Can a decorative roof unit be added to a standard flat roofed steel cage at a later date?
Unfortunately this would not be an easy process. However, we will always evaluate customers requirements, so please contact our Made to Measure team:-

7. You advertise that these cages can cope with ‘slightly sloping’ ground. How much is ‘slightly sloping’, before the cage has to be quoted as a bespoke cage?
The aim is always to achieve a level roof 2m from the ground, so that the doors and the side netting work correctly. If the slope in question means that distance of the uprights at one end of the cage will be less than 25cm into the ground, then the cage needs to have longer uprights, and therefore would be classed as ‘bespoke’. This is to ensure that the uprights are inserted into the ground sufficiently to achieve the required structural integrity. These standard steel cages can cope with locally uneven ground of about plus/minus 10cm on one upright per bay, but it is better to level any dips or bumps before erecting the cage.

8. What is the longest bar length you do, without it being supported by an upright?
The longest bar length that we supply as a standard size is 3.5m long. If you would like more information regarding the size of bars supplied with our cages, please contact our Customer Services Department or call us 0845 218 5301.

9. If I order a standard cage, but then cut the bars to get exact sizes, does this affect my guarantee?
Unfortunately altering a standard cage will affect its guarantee. If you require a size that is not advertised as a standard size, please contact our Made to Measure team:-

10. I have fitted the roof netting to my cage however it has left a lot of overhang in the corners, which looks messy. Any tips?
The roof netting supplied with a cage will always be slightly larger than the cage itself, because we like to allow approximately 50cm overhang on each side for securing it into place. You can simply roll up any overhang and secure it into place using the releasable cable ties, that are supplied with your cage as standard fixings.

11. Can I swap the standard netting for another type?
Yes you may request alternate netting than that supplied with the cage as standard. Please contact our Customer Services Department or call us 0845 218 5301 for details of the netting we can provide.

12. Can I order a size that is not advertised on your website?
For a non-standard, or ‘bespoke’ size fruit cage, If you require a size that is not advertised as a standard size, please contact our Made to Measure team:-

13. Can I use insect mesh to cover my cage?
Due to the extremely small mesh size of both of our insect meshes, we do not advise that you cover a walk-in fruit cage with this material; the wind would not pass easily through the mesh, so would act a little like a boat sail. This could cause damage to the netting and the cage.