Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed Fertiliser

Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed is a great all round organic garden fertiliser which promotes strong root systems, giving healthier plants which are less prone to disease
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Size: 2kg Pack
Product Code: GFE-269
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Not only does Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed do your plants and lawn the world of good thanks to the blend of ground dried seaweed but it allows you to reduce the acidity of soil and grow crops which would otherwise flounder - it's a great all round organic garden fertiliser!

Used at the recommended application rate of 70g per m², a 2kg pack of Soil Association approved Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed will treat 28.5m² and the limestones present in this granular plant food will neutralise acidic soils and both provide and unlock calcium and magnesium, two essential plant-growth trace elements. The seaweed extracts in Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed get soil microbes going and the result is healthy plants with a stronger root system and in far better shape to resist pests and diseases.The only plants not happy to see Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed will be ericaceous or acid-loving specimens but brassicas in particular will welcome this powdered limestone/seaweed combination; growing in more alkaline soils helps reduce the likelihood of their arch-nemesis, club root.

  • Maxicrop Organic Plant Cal-Sea-Feed based on seaweed extracts and limestones
  • Supplied in a 2kg packet
  • Each box covers 28.5m² at the recommended application rate of 70gm²
  • Ideal for raising ph levels in acidic soils
  • Use on beds and borders
  • Makes an excellent spring lawn top dressing
  • Rich in minerals
  • Encourages beneficial bacteria
  • Plants benefit by producing stronger roots
  • Healthier plants more able to resist pest and disease attacks
  • Breaks down heavy soils
  • Source of calcium and magnesium
  • Soil Association approved organic
  • Use from February round to October
  • Sustainable alternative to non-Soil Association accredited calcified seaweed

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Grow Your OwnFebruary 2016

Tried and Test - Soil testing kits and additives

An alkaline micro-granular additive that is manufactured with limestone and dried sea weed to form a balanced compound for easy use. The product reduces the soil pH levels from acidic to alkali. As a result of adding the Cal-Sea-Feed to your plot, your crops will benefit from prolific root development which gets your season off to a flying start. ***** star

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