Maxi Manger Planters

These stylish wooden manger trough planters, available in micro, mini and maxi sizes are manufactured from Scandinavian softwood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Perfect for creating a veg garden on the patio or a stunning floral display for a splash of summer colour.

Customer Reviews

Mrs Williams, Essex

"I am very pleased with the mangers, I painted them to match my patio, the plants seem to thrive in them and I never have to bend down which is a huge bonus. No more messy pot marks on the patio and they do not require daily watering."

Mrs Morris, Cardiff

"My manger was bought as a present. I have it planted up near the back door with herbs & edible flowers for easy access although a few rogue poppies have got in with the mint, chives, lemon balm, dill, parsley, marjoram, thyme, coriander, violas, and calendula. The bees and I love it, friends have made lots of positive comments and working at a higher level is a bonus!"

Mr Taylor, Hampshire

"Having recently moved house we created/bought a number of beds for fruit and vegetables. The Harrod manger is without doubt the standout item. It blends nicely into my vegetable plot and its elevated position makes the gardening so easy and provides more sun in its relatively shaded location. The varying depth of soil makes it so versatile. I use the shallow sides for come again salads and the centre area for deeper rooted crops such as tomatoes. I am seriously considering buying a second – if I can find the space."

Mrs McLennan, Bristol

"My manger which is on my lawn, being the sunny part of the garden is great. This year I have already cropped lettuce, radish, sugar snap peas & French beans. You can see the sugar snaps in the photo quite clearly. There are carrots, salad onion and more radish coming along. Last year was my first & at least gave me some crops to pick even in such awful weather! I had lettuce, carrots, (even as late as December) radish, baby leeks, strawberries (too invasive) & rocket. The manger was very easy to put together though needed probably two people for me to construct it and is firm & strong. It seemed a big outlay but has been well worth it for crops and pleasure."

Mrs Matthewman, Warwickshire

"I love my manger! Our manger is the 8ft, full width, and this is its second summer in our garden. This has been a fantastic addition to our garden and is a talking point and subject of much admiration from everyone who visits. We stained ours a seagrass colour to match other garden and window woodwork, but the natural wood also looks just as good. It is situated on the terrace outside our kitchen, and acts as a very attractive and colourful border. It’s not just good to look at, but is so handy for both the kitchen and the BBQ and even easy to nip out in the rain to harvest fresh vegetables for cooking. It is packed full with strawberries, herbs and salad crops although you will see from the photo that I may have overdone the nasturtiums this year! Being able to fill it easily with a rich but light soil means everything grows extremely well and even herbs like Basil and Coriander thrive. It is very rarely discovered by slugs or snails and I have found it very easy to keep it pest free. The membrane lining is such a superb quality that there is no mess from the manger, and the stone underneath is not stained by mucky water draining out. Not only has it enhanced the look of our garden, but it makes cooking and barbecuing more fun, being able to pick clean, healthy produce so easily."  

Miss Appleby, Buckinghamshire

"When I saw the Manger in your catalogue I instantly saw that it was the answer to a long standing problem. I grow Begonias every summer and my problem was the pots which had to stand empty all Winter & Spring. They were very unsightly but I had nowhere else to store them. Now I have the manger I can put winter salad & vegetables into it giving a return as well as looking good. I feel sure that careful selection and using the excellent cover will overcome any cold/frost problems."

Mr Wilson, Kent

"I attach photo of the manger I bought from you last year. It has enabled me to grow some vegetables successfully in a small garden. Last year I grew Lettuce and beetroot and this year I had tremendous success with carrots producing well in excess of 20lbs without any worry from carrot fly."

Mrs Uden, Norfolk

"The manger I was bought for Christmas is packed with veg including beetroot, shallots, parsnips, carrots, radish, and salads. Looks amazing too."

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