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Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden Accessories

Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden Accessories Only Now Available

We still have a number of Accessories available for the Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden which will help to make the most of your Maxi A-Frame planter...More information

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The Maxi-A Frame accessories available include:-

  • Irrigation kit - easy to fit with adjustable sprinkler heads and connects to standard hose connection
  • Capillary Watering Insert - this is designed to go in the jumbo planting trays for the seed trays to sit on. The capillary matting then draws up the water as needed to make sure the plants stay watered.
  • Pack of 4 propagating lids to fit the smaller seed trays. 

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Grow it!2011-04-16

Small Is Beautiful

This ingenious design takes six jumbo trays over three tiers to provide almost two square metres of growing space. Each jumbo tray houses four smaller seed trays that come complete with propagating lids and capillary matting, so you can start crops off in the greenhouse then move them to the frame to grow on. As each tray is harvested a new one can replace it., thereby staggering your harvests.

Grow it!2011-07-23

Container Growing

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Number of Articles: 3
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