Mad Mint!

Dear Martin

I have a mint bed that has gone mad!

Do you have a system that can contain it? I was thinking something like a metal link system.
Thank you
Joyce Copleston

Dear Joyce

Many thanks for your recent enquiry concerning a method of gaining control of your out-of-control mint bed. Although a valuable addition to any herb garden, mint is a particularly invasive plant and is commonly grown in pots or containers sunk into the soil to restrict the spread of roots.

Growing in a raised bed is another way of containing mint and if you have the time and inclination to lift your plants and replant them in any of our raised beds (wood, plastic or metal) you’ll find you’ll gain total control over the plants.

Alternatively, you can place the plastic link-a-bord boards – I’d recommend these and not the wood or metal – for below ground use to try and contain the roots. Bear in mind mint is shallow rooting so the boards need to be positioned near to the soil surface and a single board (15cm/6”) should be deep enough to limit root growth further down.

As for shaping the aerial growth and foliage, try our range of plant support stakes. The border restraints and link stakes in particular are well suited to control the sprawling nature of mint and whilst they won’t prevent the roots from spreading and the plants from increasing in size, they will at least keep your mint bed and garden looking much tidier!

I do hope this information proves to be of help and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions and queries you may have. Many thanks once again for your enquiry and the best of luck with your herb growing this year!

Kind Regards