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50% Discount on Link-Stake Plant Support Seconds

Link Stakes which have imperfections in the plastic are sold as 'Seconds' with an amazing 50% discount off our normal prices...More information

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Link Stakes which have imperfections and sold as 'Seconds' with an amazing 50% discount off our normal prices - providing you with an effective, reliable and very cost effective way to support your plants. The plastic coating may be split in some places - but that won't affect strength. Available only while stocks lasts and these items are non-refundable. 

50% Discount on Plant Support Seconds

  • Strong, sturdy and the green coating helps them to virtually disappear when in place.
  • Many plants are vulnerable to damage from wind and rain unless properly staked.
  • All our link stakes are made from steel wire rod and coated with dark green plastic.
  • They will last for decades and are virtually invisible.
  • Aim to stake your plant about half way up its full height and allow a few inches in the ground.
  • The most versatile and discreet way to support plants throughout the border

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