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Best Retail Garden Product - GIMA 2013 Award Winner!

The KneeloTM knee pads use memory foam technology to provide the ultimate cushioning and protection for your knees, available in Slate and Moss colour options ...More information

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GIMA Awards

The KneeloTM knee pads use memory foam technology to provide the ultimate cushioning and protection for your knees. 

At the core of the KneeloTM knee pads, available in a stylish slate grey colour, lies a deep layer of shock absorbing EVA foam and a luxurious cushioning layer of memory foam for comfort over prolonged periods of kneeling. Although comfortable when kneeling the unique shape and flexibilty means they are also comfortable when standing and walking. Ideal for all gardening jobs, but also great when decorating or even scrubbing the floor!

The knee pads are encased in waterproof durable neoprene with a quick dry, wipe clean, nylon coating with adjustable straps - one size fits all.

  • Ultimate cushioned knee pads
  • GIMA Awards Winner 2013 Best Garden Retail Related Product Award
  • Shock absorbing EVA foam and memory foam for optimum comfort
  • Unique flexible design make them comfortable when standing or walking
  • Easy to fit with velcro straps - one size fits all
  • Available in stylish slate grey and moss green colour options
  • Encased in durable waterproof neoprene & quick dry, wipe clean nylon cover

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The English Garden - June 2013June 2013

Editor's Choice - Knee Pads

Comfort All Day - They are ultra cushioned and have a waterproof outer neoprene layer, which can be wiped clean. Can't fault them for comfort and you soon forget you have got them on as they are so light; the only pair I could comfortably wear for extended periods. They would be ideal for housework as well. I would recommend these for gardener's weeding in borders and on grass, but I wonder how long they would last when kneeling on harder surfaces.

Kitchen Garden Magazine - July 2013June 2013

Product Review - Kneelers

"Overall - 5 Stars" These knee pads are very comfortable strapping on snugly for a range of leg sizes. The Neoprene covering is tough and durable and will soak up moisture; this doesn't pass through to the knee, but it is worth drying the pads out after use on wet ground. I love the fact that I can just strap these on and go to work in the garden. I don't have to remember where I left them on my weeding rounds. They are great on hard surfaces, even on stony beds.

Number of Articles: 2
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