Herb & Salad Growing Kit

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The Herb & Salad Growing Kit is perfect for the kitchen, conservatory or greenhouse with growlights that replciate natural sunlight so that herbs and salad can be grown year round  
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Pack Content: single item
Size: 50cm L x 20cm w x 45cm H
Product Code: GPR-090
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This Growing Kit features a full spectrum (6400K) highly efficient Sunblaster 11 Watt bulb which consumes 20% less power than a standard light bulb and gives up to 10,000 hours of use. Replicating natural sunlight the bulb helps you to grow salad and herbs year round and is also ideal for early season seed growing. 

Made from recycled white plastic and aluminium this durable grow light kit has 4 reusable growing trays for easy succession planting. The canopy which houses the grow light is adjustable up to a maximium 38cm high to easily accommodate your salad and herb crops.

When you initially plant your seeds, the canopy can be positioned at its maximum height. Once the seedlings sprout, it is  advisable to lower the base of the canopy to about 6cm from the sprouts. This keeps the seedlings short and stubby rather than long and skinny. As the plants continue to grow, keep moving the canopy up maintaining the distance of 6cm.

It is important to remember that darkness is part of the natural growing cycle for plants. Give your plants a rest by turning the lights
off for a period of the day. Most vegetables, herbs and garden flowers are ‘long day’ plants requiring an average of 16 hours of light per day. ‘Short day’ plants requiring around 12 hours of light a day nclude azaleas, poinsettias and begonias. Consider using an automatic timer or simply switch off your light when you go to bed.

The growing kit also features a capillary matting insert and can hold enough to keep plants watered for up to 14 days depending on the climate.

  • Exclusive to Harrod Horticultural
  • Ideal for growing herbs and salads
  • Can be used for early season seed growing
  • Ideal for year round grwoing in conservatory, kitchen or the greenhouse
  • Uses highly efficent Sunbalster 11 watt bulb - uses 20% less power than standard lightbulb
  • Replicates natural sunlight - full spectrum light (6400K)
  • Last for up to 10,000 hours
  • Adjustable canopy - max. 38cm high
  • 4 reusable growing trays for easy succession planting
  • Includes capillary matting for up to 14 days self watering
  • 100% recycled white plastic and aluminium
  • 50cm  Long x 20cm Wide x 45cm High
  • Some home assembly required

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