Fruit Cages Steel Dome and Peak

Our Peak Roof Walk-In Steel Decorative Fruit Cage has bought style and sophistication to fruit growing by seamlessly blending the strength and durability of our heavy duty walk-in steel fruit cages with the graceful sweeping lines of a unique peaked roof. The Dome Roof Heavy Duty Steel Decorative Fruit Cage has been attracting admiring looks from the vegetable and fruit growing fraternity ever since its public debut at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show.

Customer Reviews

Ms Burnett - Monmouthshire

"In the cages are: Loganberries, black and red currant bushes, a jostaberry, strawberries, a mulberry bush and a cherry tree. I also put in a few odd cabbage plants that were spare!"

Dr S, West Sussex

"This is the second garden with a Harrod's peaked roof fruit cage, it was so useful and effective we couldn't bear to be without one. The neighbours were most impressed, though amused at seeing us 'sew' the roof cover on, and it added greatly to the beauty and ambience of the rest of the garden, not to mention saving some of the fruit for us! The birds use it as a perch and look longingly inwards. This soil in this second garden is not suitable for the fruit we want to grow, but as you can see, even in the first season in less than perfect weather, the potted plants are looking very happy. Just wait till next year. Thank you Harrods for a sturdy, easily erected (brilliant instructions) aesthetically pleasing addition to our garden that does its job well!"

Mr Bennett, Essex

"The decision to invest in these fruit cages as a vegetable cage has been doubly rewarding. It has been perfectly practical in keeping birds, dogs and other pests off of my vegetables. More important is the rather stunning visual effect which has drawn admiring comments from all who have seen it." 

Mr B, Leicestershire

"The garden is very new (a rescue of an old Victorian kitchen garden). The cage was very challenging to put up on our clay soil! However, although it is early days (the raspberry canes are still only a foot high) we are enjoying the best and biggest crop of strawberries we have ever had, and for the first time we have masses of ripe fruit on our dwarf cherry tree. We had no problem with snow on the roof last winter"

Mr Spelman, Southampton

"In our sloping garden we needed to use oak sleepers to create a level terrace specifically to site our Harrod fruit cage. Having excavated the back part down to solid chalk we secured the cage framework in concrete pads and then backfilled with topsoil up to the top of the sleepers. The final result was well worth the effort as the fruit cage adds a striking and attractive feature to our garden - and the raspberries are delicious."

Mr Ballentyne, Brittany, France 

"We think the peak roof fruit cage looks great- we love its practicality and the fact that we can get to enjoy our rasberries and gooseberries rather than fume at the birds who pinch them. The new potager has been a green paradise this summer after a very slow start and the fruit cage a real gem alongside the glasshouse visible in the corner."

Lubera, Ippenberg Garden Show 2015 Germany

"We planted and built the Ippenburg garden pergola linked dome cages very sucessfully."

Mr and Mrs Redpath, Middlesex

"Pictures illustrating both what our two Harrodian cages look like, and how they have helped us protect our Morello cherries from the birds this year, with resultant wonderful crops of cherries, and the first bottle of cherry jam made with them! We’re delighted."

National Trust The Vyne, Basingstoke

The National Trust garden in Hampshire display three of our Decorative Peak Roof Steel Fruit and Vegetable Cages in 2.5m x 2.5m sizes in their walled garden

Mrs Deakin, France

"Our fab new domed fruit cage shipped to us in France, is a wonderful way of protecting our fantail doves against hawk attacks whilst they can fly freely around the space and perch on top of the dovecote; it is beautiful too, a lovely addition to the garden. I'm sure all dove and pigeon owners would find this a great buy. I would certainly invest in one to protect my fruit someday! Thank you Harrod"

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