Fruit Cages Roman Arch

The Roman Arch Fruit Cage brings all that is good about our Roman Arch together with our fruit cage manufacturing experience; and the result is a stunning cage of exceptional build quality.

Customer Reviews

The Veg Patch People, East Sussex

"On their return from holidays, our clients were ecstatic with the result and can't wait for spring to come!"

Mrs Wilson, Cornwall

"The Roman Arch cage I purchased from Harrods earlier this year, with a little help from friends, was erected successfully. As you can see I have also laid a path of paving flags through it to help with picking the fruit – keeps the weeds down and the feet clean! I am fortunate enough to have a garden that accommodates the size of this cage (6 metre length), and it has proved exceptionally helpful this summer in keeping the birds off the soft fruit, so my harvest has been greater than in previous years. Although this is a long, tall structure, locating it next to the fence together with the colour of the frame and mesh help to reduce the impact on the garden, and it is a real bonus being able to walk through the cage without having to bend at all, and has sufficient height to allow for the sweet cherry tree to grow over the next few years. The width of the holes in the mesh allow the bees to pass through for pollination purposes but have kept the butterflies off and therefore the caterpillars too.

The cage also helps normally to keep my puppy away from the fruit bushes, although he did sneak into this photo as he does like to follow my grand-daughter around!

I am highly delighted with the fruit cage – it is a quality product that more than serves its purpose."

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