Easy2GO Holiday Watering Kit

The Easy2GO Holiday Watering Kit is the ultimate holiday watering kit for healthy, happy plants keeping them watered for weeks on end  More information

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The Easy2GO will keep plants watered for weeks using a simple gardening tray and water butt. The AQUAValve is placed directly onto the tray with your potted plants, it distributes water to the pots from below.

Unlike other holiday watering kits the easy2GO provides optimum levels of water to meet your plants requirements - without the need for timers or electricity - ensuring you return home to plants that are thriving.

This flexible system is easy to install and is supplied with all the fittings required to connect to a water container. You simply require a flat based gardening tray with a minimum depth of 30mm and a water container which holds 30 litres or more.

  • Easy2GO keeps plants watered for weeks
  • AQUAValve sits in the tray and distributes water to the pots from below
  • Easy to install
  • Includes all required fittings to connect to a water container
  • Flat based gardening tray required - minimum depth 30mm
  • Water container required - must hold at least 30 litres
  • No timers or electricity required

Easy2GO layout

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