Doubling Up on Composting

Dear Martin

I am interested in buying a double chamber comoster. Can you tell me how the compost moves from one chamber to the other when it has turned into compost, or would I do that manually?



Dear Veronica

Many thanks for your recent enquiry concerning the double chamber composters we stock. Both twin chamber models (the 180 litre Tumbling Composter and 635 Litre Compostumbler) have a fixed dividing panel which keeps the two chambers separate so, if you correctly assumed, you want to move compost from one side to another you will have to do this manually.

Compost tumblers produce their best results when the drum (in this case chamber) is filled to capacity in one hit and then sealed so in practice, you would look to completely fill one chamber then shut the lid whilst using the other side to collect and start decomposing material. Once the sealed side has matured, you can empty this material out and use it as you wish, add enough material to the other side to fill it then close the lid.

Using this alternating chamber method, you need never empty the contents of one side out and load it in the other so composting with a double chamber tumbler is as easy as it gets!

I hope this information helps and if you’ve any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me – in my role as a Master Composter, I’m only too happy to help.

Thanks again and the best of luck with your composting activities.

Kind Regards