Contemporary Pergola Walkway

"Mrs H is delighted with the finished results"
Harrod Installation Team for Mrs H, Suffolk

Our Norfolk based client for this project was embarking on a large house extension, contemporary and elegant in style, but of course in harmony with the architectural language of the area. The garden design and required structures also needed to be in tune with this brief, intentionally clean and forward looking without jarring with the original house.

The garden in this instance was designed by the highly talented Chelsea Gold Award winning, Thomas Hoblyn. The Harrod design team worked closely with Tom, his team and the client through several iterations until the design was approved.

The garden structures were quite tightly specified, they consisted of a statement pergola (must have ‘wow’ factor at night!), a gateway and companion fence (to enclose the new garden and provide safe corralling of the owners mischievous Golden Retrievers), and finally a peach tree growing frame and protective covers!!

This request although unusual, reflects the ‘usual’ for Harrod’s bespoke service, it’s what we are about and really enjoy! With a design language approved for all of the structures and echoes of the new building’s architecture incorporated via stainless details, the designs were presented using 3D CAD visuals. The stainless details included all of the in-house designed and manufactured gate furniture and decorative stud details that can be seen in the photos. Once signed off, the structures were manufactured from extruded aluminium sections and expertly crafted and powdercoated in-house to a specific RAL colour. Growing wires were added to the pergolas to soften the structures and ‘projector’ lighting was added for the desired night time ‘wow’ factor.

In this instance our experienced installation team erected and commissioned the structures, ensuring 100% satisfaction from our discerning client. Our client is delighted with the finished results and has reported back that she is now enjoying extremely tasty nectarines, peaches and plums and no leaf curl in sight.

Mrs H, Suffolk

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