Click & Drip Irrigation Kit

The click and drip irrigation kit is a great way to ensure bumper harvests and perfectly watered raised beds, borders and vegetable plots...More information

Pack Content: Irrigation pipe, timer, filter
Size: 15m drip pipe
Product Code: GWT-131
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
Price: £59.95
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The simple to use irrigation kit simply clicks onto a water butt and then the 15m of flexible drip irrigation pipe can be laid to suit your planting and contains irrigation points at 30cm intervals.  Each hole along the irrigation pipe releases approx. 180ml of water per hour so the soil has a chance to absorb the water and less is lost to evaporation.

The kit also comes with a reliable digital timer so that you can rest assured your plants will be watered even if you are on holiday. The watering frequency and duration can be adjusted to suit your plot and it also includes a solar panel to keep the rechargeable batteries charged (standard batteries can also be used).  

The complete kit is supplied ready to go and includes: filter to remove limescale and prevent blockages; pressure regulator and timer; 15m drip irrigation pipe; 5m of non drip pipe to ensure no leaks between the water source and the plot to be watered.

  • Complete irrigation kit - ideal for raised beds, borders, vegetable plot
  • Click straight onto water butt tap - hozelock style tap required
  • Includes timer for automatic watering
  • 15m irrigation pipe - holes every 30cm
  • 80ml of water / hole / hour approx. 
  • 5m of non drip pipe
  • includes filter and pressure regulator
  • Batteries not included

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