Chicken Wire Fencing

Good Monning

Are there any special instructions required for the installation of this netting, i.e. does one use staples, does it need stringing I'm not an experienced fencer so any help would be appreciated. I will be using stout gymkana type poles as fencing posts.

Many thanks.



Dear Theresa

I’m assuming your gymkhana posts are wooden? Not being a horsey person I’ve got no idea!

If they are wooden all you need to do is to use fence staples, these are strong and are what we advise to attach the Heavy-duty Chicken Wire Netting to your posts.  These can be bought from any DIY outlet.

I would advise that you protect your chickens from foxes by providing a roof for your chicken run using Heavy Duty Roof Netting or alternatively purchasing an Aluminium Chicken & Poultry Cage or the Heavy Steel Poultry Cage for peace of mind that your chickens are safe.  I lost my first batch of chickens to a manic fox so I can't emphasise the importance of securing them. 

I hope this has been of help to you, our Customer Services Team are available to help you further with any product information or help with purchasing.

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton
Horticultural Adviser