Blackfly on runner beans

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Dear Jo

My runner beans are covered in black fly, I have tried to wash off with water, plus tried soapy water but they keep comming back a few days later.  My broad beans have are well but they always do, it has effected my dwarf beans as well, they seem to eat the flowers,


Rita powell

Dear Jo

At the kitchen garden we have noticed that ladybirds seem to be in short supply this year and consequently there is nothing to keep the blackfly and other aphids in check.  We sprayed our blackfly with a Natural Insect Killing Spray and then ordered a delivery of Ladybirdlarvae.  When these arrived we emptied them onto the affected plants and since then we haven’t had a problem.


I wish you the best of luck with your fights against the blackfly.  Please let me know if I can be of any further help.


Kindest Regards




Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener

Meet the Author: Jo Blackwell
Jo  Blackwell

Jo Blackwell is new on the Harrod Horticultural block and has recently taken over her post as Horticultural Advisor and Kitchen Gardener in Stephanie's Kitchen Garden. She caught the gardening bug when she bought her first home 18 years ago.  Her first greenhouse soon followed and she later gained an allotment, where she grows her own organic fruit and vegetables.


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