Bird Netting

Dear Jo

Because of the nature of my garden I am unable to construct a fruit cage and can only individually protect each fruit bush ( I have 5 currant and 3 blueberries bushes) can you advise which of your netting products would be suitable for draping over each bush to protect them from birds

Many thanks

Ron Bear

Dear Mr Bear

I have a similar problem in my garden at home, where I have 2 blueberry plants in pots on my patio.  I use bird netting on my plants.  It’s a good idea to position the netting slightly away from the bush rather than draping directly onto the plant, as birds can get tangled in the net if they are tempted to try and get at the fruit through it.  I use bamboo canes with toppers on pushed into the pot, and then drape the net over these.  It also looks a lot neater and is easier to handle.

I hope this helps and that you manage to keep your fruit crop for yourself rather than sharing it with the local birds!

Kindest Regards


Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener