Biostretch - Soft Stretchy Plant Tie 20m

Award Winning Soft & Stretchy Biodegradable Plant Tie

Biostretch is a soft, stretchy, 100% biodegradable plant tie which stretches as the plant grows making it perfect for soft and delicate plants...More information

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Size: 20m
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This award winning plant tie is 20m long (unstretched), easy to use, suprisingly strong and has some great features:-

Soft - Biostretch is a soft material so it is very gentle and suited to use on even the most delicate of plants.

Strong - Biostretch is a very strong material that will support large plants as well as smaller ones.

Stretchy - Biostretch is an elasticated material so as your plant grows it will stretch whilst still giving gentle but firm support.

100% Biodegradable - Biostretch naturally drops off the plant and rots in the ground after approximately 18-24 months outdoors depending on weather conditions. So its great for your plants and great for the environment too.

Uses for Biostretch Garden Ties - Biostretch can be used for all sorts of jobs around the garden – in fact, for anything that needs gentle but firm support. Common uses would include supporting tomato plants, securing runner bean canes and attaching to young staked plants and trees.

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Which GardeningJuly 2016

Plant Ties - Recommended

We found the stretch fabric tie simple to use and easy to handle. The BioStretch garden tie came as a ball, which you could cut to suit. These types of tie were soft, so they didn't dig into the soft stems of young plants and expanded with them as they grew. If the knot doesn't become too tight during the season they can also be reused.

The English GardenSpring 2014

Plant Ties On Trial

The Soft Touch - Biostretch from Harrod Horticultural is just the product if you like using old tights as a tie. This is far more aesthetic option but offers a familiar result. The 20m ball of 100% biodegradable eslasticated material offers considerable stretch and strength. According to the creator, it takes about 18 months to degrade in the soil. It's a very effective tie, and I can't help thinking that it would be just as handy in the sewing box as it is in the garden.

Number of Articles: 2
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