The week began with the photo shoot in the kitchen garden and we were very fortunate with the weather with plenty of sunshine, no rain and a gentle wind. Some of the vegetables and salad hadn’t been able to hang on until the shoot so had to be replaced. Also, the onions from one of the wooden raised beds had been lifted so we replaced them with broccoli and kale we got from organic plant suppliers Rocket Gardens. The plants arrived quickly and were in a very healthy good condition. Once planted they soon started to show new growth.

With the photo shoot in the kitchen garden finally taking place, work could now start on the area of the gardens where the next photo shoot would be taking place in early August. The folly lawns have recently been scarified as moss had started to grow more than the grass and that left a few patches. These will have grass seed scattered over them, fine mushroom compost on top and then plenty of watering. The box hedge that surrounds the golden paths have been given a cut. The wisteria that grows over the roman garden pergola will also be having its late summer prune. The folly garden is beginning to look good.

Folly-1-28-07-2020 Folly-2-28-07-2020

Folly-3-28-07-2020 Folly-4-28-07-2020

In the kitchen garden the harvest continues. This week we started to pick French and runner beans; they taste lovely eaten straight off the plants. The courgettes are continuing to grow at a pace and in the greenhouse, there is a variety of tomatoes that are ripening. The blueberry bushes are providing a constant supply of fruit this year.

Shallots-1-28-07-2020 Shallots-2-28-07-2020

The shallots and onions that where dug up a couple of weeks ago, have been drying in the potting shed. The onions have been hanging by bunches and the shallots where spread over a spare piece of netting and hung from the roof. Next week these will be able to be bagged up.

I also found the culprit who ate the calabrese. When I left on the Friday the cauliflowers where looking good, really starting to grow big. Monday they were still ok but come Wednesday, most of them had been munched on. As I went in the brassica cage, I saw out of the corner of my eye a small brown furry creature doing a quick escape and then later in the day there was a mouse sitting on the last cauliflower. Not only have they munched most of the pea plants and the broccoli they have turned their teeth to the cauliflowers, what will be next. Mice seem to be a problem this year.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy your garden this year - make sure to keep watering with the hot few days forecasted towards the end of the week - have a loot at our Effective Watering Guide for a few watering tips!

Happy Gardening!