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175 Litre Tumbling Composter

Compost in comfort with the double chamber 175 Litre Tumbling Composter and 'revolutionise' your garden and growing at the same time by producing valuable, well rotted compost much faster than a traditional heap
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Pack Content: Single
Size: 95cm H x 72cm W x 66cm D
Product Code: GCO-015
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Compost in comfort with the double chamber 175 Litre Tumbling Composter and 'revolutionise' your garden and growing at the same time by producing valuable, well rotted compost much faster than a traditional heap.

The 72cm wide, 95cm high by 66cm deep rugged UV stabilised plastic drum is easy to assemble and sits securely on the steel frame and the sliding front panel reveals two 87 litre chambers; one for filling and the other one for decomposing, allowing you to continue filling the tumbler whilst creating your compost, an attribute not many composters can boast.

Rotating the tumbling composter drum is much easier than turning a heap; there are adjustable air vents on each side and tough internal churning paddles thoroughly mix the contents on each turn - home composting has never been so easy!

  • 175 Litre Tumbling Composter measures 72cm W x 95cm H x 66cm D
  • Tough plastic drum supported by steel framework
  • Features 2 x 87 litre chambers
  • One chamber can be filled whilst other cooks
  • Sliding front panel
  • Drum easy to rotate
  • No more back breaking manual turning of heap
  • Comfortable loading/unloading height
  • Internal churning paddles ensure good mixing of material
  • Adjustable air vents on side of drum
  • Ideal for quick composting of small batches of material
  • Supplied flat packed with full instructions

A 175 Litre Tumbling Composter is currently in use at Highgrove as part of a composting course.  

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Tumble composter - bigger than it looks By Anonymous 5 28th May 2017

This was well-packed and arrived in good condition. It was quite easy to assemble. It took a bit of adjustment to get it to rotate freely - there was a piece of plastic protruding at each end of the central bar, which stopped it turning easily. We trimmed this back on both sides and it now works well, it is easy to turn. It has a good capacity - we expected something smaller. It is true that the opening for putting in compost is quite small, and it takes a bit of care to get the vegetable matter from our small kitchen caddy into the bin without firing it all over the ground........we added a few worms and look forward to the first compost.

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Good for smaller gardens By Dave Corfield 4 24th November 2016

Have only had it a short while and am on the first chamber but it keep taking more and more. It was delivered on time as promised and advised, and was surprisingly easy to assemble and didn't need a second person. Only drawback is that it has a small opening to the individual chambers which makes it difficult emptying grass cuttings from the mower. Will add more when get compost from it.

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Good design let down by rusting bolts By Alan Clegg 4 24th April 2015

Arrived in torn box with fittings bag torn, so was missing some nuts & bolts; spares posted by Harrod arrived next day - good service. Reasonably easy to put together, and stands sturdily in our Cornish gales, but all the bolts went rusty in a few days with our salty air. I'll need to rust-cure each then paint each with a blob of rust-proof paint to stop them rusting away completely, but that should do the job. Otherwise, good design and easy to to tumble - still only using first chamber so not yet got compost out, but contents keep reducing and seem to be breaking down quickly, especially using a commercial compost accelerator.

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Our Master Composter  says; "Home composting is a must for any serious gardener. Well rotted compost adds essential organic matter to soil along with humus and greatly improves structure and the soil's ability to hold onto water and nutrients.

What's more, home composting is free, is easy wiyth a tumbler and greatly helps the environment as less compostable material makes it to landfill sites where it produces harmful methane gas - and you cut down on trips to the garden centre to buy compost too. It's a win/win situation!

It's also surprising how much compostable material your garden and kitchen produces; of course there's the usual, stems, deadheaded flowers, leaves and spent plants from the veg patch or border but don't forget kitchen peelings, cardboard and newspaper from inside the house. Filling a bin or building a heap is never a problem!"

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Garden News Magazine - 15th June 2013June 2013

Gardens - Niki Preston

I was lucky enough to be sent a brilliant tumbler composter to try out for Harrod Horticultural and it has turned me into a compost geek! James is really unhappy because I keep stealing all the kitchen waste. Due to my disability I have never been able to use a traditional compost bin but this one is superb because it is on a sturdy frame, that once filled through the large hole in the top can be tumbled over, avoiding the back-breaking work of turning your compost from one bin to another, which is impossible for me anyway.

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