Wood Good for the Garden?

Dear Martin

Sorry to be a pain but we have a wood burning stove and I’ve read somewhere that the ashes are good for the compost heap and soil?  

Any ideas?


Dear Steve

No problem! Wood ash can be added to the compost heap and will boost potassium levels in the soil when incorporated. Just make sure it is only wood ash and there are no contaminants included – such as plastic and specially treated briquettes which are often used in stoves and burners. Incidentally, bbq ash (from charcoal) can also be used in the same way.  

You can also add the ash straight to the soil as it provides a quick potassium boost. Plants require potassium – also known as potash - for the following:   Disease resistance Healthy growth and vigour Developing fruit and flowers General toughening up and hardiness   The potassium held in the ash is soluble so will leach into the soil very quickly, but the larger ash particles will help create air spaces in the soil and generally improve the structure.     

Any help?!