Wildlife friendly way to treat Aphids

Dear Julian

We are devastated by the fact that the spray we used to kill aphids on roses must have resulted in the deaths of a complete brood of blue tits in a nesting box on the side of our shed. We can't think of any other cause, except that the mother bird must have taken the aphids to feed her young. Can you recommend a spray against aphids that would be non-toxic to birds?  

James Byrom

Dear Mr Byrom

A safe option for an effective spray for aphids that is safe would be Savona Fatty Acid that is available from Harrod Horticultural. It kills the aphids on contact but leaves no harmful residues. You would need to spray every 7 days to keep up with aphid reproduction. Also try not to spray the flower blooms as it can scorch the flowers. I hope this helps.