Where do I put my Ladybird Box?

Dear Martin

Please tell me how to site the Ladybird Box GCN-405. How high from the ground and whether on a tree or fence, in sun or shade.   

Many thanks,  

Dear Chris

As promised, I have some information for you regarding the siting of your ladybird box.

Attaching the box to a tree trunk, within 30cm of the ground, will provide a suitable overwintering site for some of the species. Most garden ladybirds hibernate either on or near the ground in plant debris, leaf litter or cracks and crevices in bark – some even hibernate on the foliage of evergreen trees.

It would appear then that if your box is sited near to the ground, possibly on a tree if possible and in a sheltered, shady, location, it is likely to be populated by overwintering ladybirds and even though these creatures only have an annual life cycle, a suitable site is likely to be used year after year.

It is also worthwhile attempting to site the box relatively close to the area you wish the ladybirds to work in during the summer months. Hopefully this information will prove to be of help and we thoroughly recommend the purchase of our Ladybird book (product code GCN-235, £3.95) which will help you enjoy these fascinating creatures even more and maximize their use in the garden.

If of course you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and many thanks once again for your enquiry.