What's in a Link-a-Bord Kit?

Dear Martin

I am interested in the raised beds (link-a-board). 

Can you tell a few things: 
The 1m kit costs £15 and yet four 1 metre boards and 4 corners are a little cheaper - so I    assume something else comes in the kit; can you tell me what?    
I assume the dowels are to allow boards to joined to increase the height - what is the difference between 1m and 2m dowels?  

D Eales 

Dear Mr Eales

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding the Link-a-Bord components and kits we supply. The 1m x 1m Link-a-Bord Kit (product code GDN-760) consists of 4 corner links, 4 x straight boards, 2 x 1m long dowels and 1 pack of 12 cover caps.   The price in the catalogue for the above products in kit form is £15, and if you purchased the above components individually, the cost would be £16.60.  

The dowels are easily cut with secateurs and, as you correctly state, are used to increase the height of any Link-a-Bord system. We include 1m dowels with our kits for ease of packing but are also able to provide the 2m alternative for special projects – the length is the only difference between the two.  

Hopefully this information is of help and of course, if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.   Many thanks once again for your enquiry and we hope to be of service to you in the future.