Vineweevil a problem?

Dear Martin

I have a minor (only 1 shrub so far) infestation of vineweevil.    Do you recommend a single March treatment of nematode or will the nematode keep until Autumn for a second treatment?    I also have about 8 (2ft diam) pot plants for begonias (mostly). Should these be treated as well, and if so when, or should I concentrate on a wider area around the infected shrub?  

Many thanks,  

J Leane

Dear Mr Leane

Dear Mr Leane   Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding the problems you are experiencing with vine weevil larvae. The Nemasys H Vine Weevil Killer we supply (product code GPC-275 and 280) is designed to control the destructive larvae at key points throughout the year, being, as you state, in March and in the Autumn. Each pack of nematodes has a 4-week shelf life if kept refrigerated and we would recommend targeting the larvae in September or October, as this application should wipe out any larvae hoping to over-winter in your borders or pots.

Of course, the downside to waiting 7 months is the damage the larvae may cause in the meantime, so it maybe worthwhile considering an application in the next few weeks, followed by another in the Autumn.   We would advise you to check the soil in your potted plants before applying the nematodes as if the larvae is not present, the nematodes will have no effect – they will not harm the soil or plant in any way however. In garden borders, we would again recommend you inspect the soil as the vine weevil larvae normally live and feed around the roots of plants – applying to a larger area would have little effect.  

Hopefully this information is of help and if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Many thanks once again for your enquiry and we hope to be of service to you in the near future.