Vine Weevil Infestation

Dear Julian

I think we have an infestation of wine weevils, but we are not sure if we have correctly identified them. They are eating a couple of bushes outside our property (we live on the ground floor of a three-floor apartment block, with a small garden) and inside our garden they are eating the leaves of the 2 year old conference pear tree, a newly planted one year old dublin bay rose, a young crab apple tree, but don't appear to be eating much of the strawberries or fig tree leaves (maybe because they are in pots). I haven't seen any sign of the larvae but have to admit that I haven't been looking for them. By the end of the season the pear tree looks pretty well eaten, though the one pear that germinated is very large and seems none the worse. The garden is 30 sq metres, so I presume we should get the big pack and re-apply this September and again next spring and autumn.

Is there any other way to confirm what these things are?



Dear Nigel

There are very high numbers of Vine Weevils in many areas this year, so it could well be the problem. The edges of leaves will often suffer damage that looks like a half moon cut. Adults sometimes can be seen on walls or in bushes but they are often nocturnal. There is not much you can do about the adults apart from squash where you see them! However the larvae part of the life cycle can be treated with nematodes. Try applying Vine Weevil Killer nematodes to pot and containers and to the base of plants in open flower beds. You should apply the nematodes before October and you may need to repeat in the spring as it is difficult to kill all the Vine Weevil larvae with one application. I hope this helps.