Tubing conundrum...

Dear Martin

How many build a balls and tubing would I need to cover 6 feet long by 4 feet wide raised bed could you price it up for me including balls tubing and enviromesh – I am sorry to ask you to work this out for me!

Many thanks and a happy new year


Dear Paul

Many thanks for your recent message regarding the quantity of build-a-balls, aluminium tubing and insect mesh required to cover an area measuring 6ft x 4ft.

As you have not mentioned how tall you would like the structure to be, I have gone for the standard 1.2m of growing height the build-a-ball system creates.   I would strongly recommend our Build-a-Ball Kits and Fitted Ultra Fine Insect Mesh Covers, both new products we have developed and introduced after identifying a need in our own Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden. The Build-a-Ball Kits are available in 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 6ft and also 4ft x 8ft sizes, and are specifically designed to fit inside a raised bed. The Fitted Covers are tailored to fit the above frame sizes and are manufactured to a high specification with Velcro seams and reinforced eyelets – the result of years of wrestling with awkward pieces of netting!  

If you'd still like to go it alone, you'll need the following components to build your frame; 2 x 1.75m aluminium tubing 4 x 1.5m aluminium tubing (for uprights) 2 x 1m aluminium tubing 1 x pack of build-a-balls 2 pieces of insect-mesh netting, each measuring 6m long x 3m wide, which you'll need to join to make a square net measuring 6m x 6m

Best of luck with your project!