Tomato Success Kit

Dear Harrod

I am hoping you can give me some advice about my tomatoes. I have just planted four very healthy looking tomatoes plants into two of your Tomato Success Kits. Within two days the top four leaves on one of the plants have started to turn yellow. The yellowing has started in the centre of each leaf and seems to radiate out from the veins.

I have planted them into potting compost specifically for growing veg and I applied the granular tomato feed as per the instructions that came with it from you. The water reservoirs are full.

Can you suggest anything?

Many thanks


Dear Mary

It sounds as though your plant may be suffering from a magnesium deficiency.

The solution to this is to apply Epsom salts as a foliar feed.  You mix it up using 20g of Epsom salts per litre of water.  Apply this to the foliage via a spray in dull weather to avoid scorching the leaves.  This needs to be carried out 2 to 3 times a fortnight.  I would also pick off the yellow leaves currently on the plant.

I hope this helps and that your tomatoes thrive, however if you need any further help, please ask.

Kindest Regards


Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener