Tomato Plant Halos

Special Offer - Reusable Growbag & Plant Halos Only £17.00!

Sent like an angel to help tomato, pepper and growbag plant growers all over the country, the 29cm diameter Plant Halos encourage two sets of roots to develop - and that often means double the yield of fruit from your plants
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Size: 29cm dia
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Incredibly simple yet stunningly effective, each tomato plant halo (available in red or green and supplied in packs of 3) is pushed into a planting hole cut in the plastic skin of a grow bag and features a watering moat around the outside of the central planting hole; just top this outer ring up with water, apply liquid feed to the centre hole and the two sets of roots which develop - water and feed searching - will do the rest! Six hollow plastic spikes reach down into the grow bag soil and send the 3 litres of water the moat can hold right where it's required, taking 3-5 hours to empty the reservoir. 

No more flooding your growbag and washing out soil; these heaven-sent halos will tidy your grow bag growing operation right up and with colour coded cane tops also available to hold your plant supporting bamboo canes (not supplied) firmly in position, your greenhouse, patio, decking, roof terrace or decking will never have looked so good.

Special Offer - GWT-435 Reusable Growbag & 3 Red Plant Halos - Only £17.00!

  • Plant Halos measure 29cm in diameter
  • Tough plastic construction
  • Supplied in packs of 3
  • Available in red or green
  • Designed to boost growbag grown crop yields
  • Halos come complete with colour matching cane caps
  • Set of 3 enough for one growbag (3 plants)
  • Cut plastic of growbag and sit halo on top
  • Use year after year
  • Design encourages 2 sets of roots to develop
  • Water delivered deep down into growbag soil
  • No more mess, flooding or washing out soil by overwatering
  • Outer moat for watering
  • Apply liquid feed to central ring
  • Watering ring has 3 litre capacity
  • Takes between 3 and 5 hours to drain
  • 6 spikes take water to root zone
  • Each halo has 3 anchor slots for bamboo canes (not supplied)
  • Cane caps hold 3 canes firmly in position at top
  • Ideal for all growbag crops including tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, aubergines, beans and peas

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plant halos By Anonymous 5 20th May 2016

These three halos add to those already in use and prove invaluable for correct and timely watering of greenhouse tomatoes. Arrived on time and well packed.. Very happy.

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Plant halos By Anonymous 5 17th July 2014

This was the second batch I have purchased. They really improve the performance of tomato plants even in the cheapest growbags. They also reduce the frequency of watering. I wouldn't be without them, and will consider using them for peppers next year.

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halo pots By Robert Smith 5 2nd July 2014

yes all seems well but its early days yet to see the end results will write more in two months

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Our horticulturist Martin Fiddes says;"There are plenty of growbag growing ideas and solutions on the market but this is one of the best.

By applying liquid feed to the inner planting ring and water to the outside, you encourage two sets of roots to develop and as water is delivered deep down in the growbag soil, your tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, beans or whichever plants you choose to grow will develop an extensive root system.

For even more impressive plants, double up on your available soil by placing another growbag underneath. Then cut the botttom of the top bag, the top of the bottom one and the roots will grow down into the lower bag - and more soil means bigger roots, bigger plants and bigger yields!"

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Grow Your OwnFebruary 2016

Smart Gardening - GYO must-haves

Plant Halos - Give crops such as cucumbers the encouragement they need by using the plant halo. It includes watering spikes which delivers liquid feed direct to the roots, making these nutrients easier to absorb. There's also space to place bamboo canes alongside your edibles for extra support.

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