Super Soft Tree Ties

These black rubber 35cm plastic Super Soft Tree Ties will act like a mother to trees, caring for them when they are young and giving them space to develop as they get older...More information

Pack Content: Pack of 10
Size: 35cm L
Product Code: GRE-116
Delivery: £3.95 P&P
Price: £4.95
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These black rubber 35cm plastic Super Soft Tree Ties will act like a a mother to trees, caring for them when they are young and giving them space to develop as they get older!

This tree tie design is high spec; along with the soft rubber plastic, the ties have moulded grooves to prevent damage to the bark of the tree are and faster to fit than conventional ties. The tie itself acts as a cushion between the tree and the support stake and because of the elasticity of the material the tree will not be disfigured, as the tie stretches as the tree grows - preventing wounds where diseases can enter.

The Super Soft Tree Ties are 35cm and supplied in packs of 10; not only that, they are weather resistant and treated with UV stabilisers, so unlike the gardener they do not stiffen up with age!

  • Super Soft Tree Ties supplied in packs of 10
  • Made from soft black rubber plastic
  • Moulded grooves prevent bark damage
  • Fast fit design
  • Tie stretches as tree grows
  • Weather resistant and UV stabilised





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Kitchen GardenJuly 2014

Tried and Tested - Plant Ties

KG Verdict 5 ***** for performance, ease of use and durability. These plant ties are made from a soft, flexible material that stretches as the girth of the tree expands. The design keeps the tree away from the post so it doesn't abrade. Moulded grooves lie against the bark to prevent damage. I like this plant tie very much. It is simple, strong and not too obtrusive. The system may need slackening off as the tree grows, but the tie should last for years.

Grow Your Own10-08-2013

Practical Projects - Your must-have autumn tree planting kit

There are many designs for tree ties on the market, but the fundamental problem is always bark damage. Harrod Horticultural has come up with a super-soft version that has the sole purpose of treating the trunks bark with respect. The ties will fit most small trees and allow you to adjust them to fit the different sized trunks and posts. After all, investing £4.45 for 10 ties is a snip when it saves your young trees from ruin!

Number of Articles: 2
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