Strong Porous and suppresses Weeds

Dear Martin

I  want to cover the ground between my soft fruit bushes with a porous but strong weed suppressant. Please can you advise me whether I should buy your ground cover (catalogue ref GDN-060) or your porous mulching fabric (catalogue ref GDN-050)? Which will last longest? Are both products porous?

Thank you


Dear Anne

Many thanks for your enquiry regarding the alternative weed control fabrics we supply. We would recommend you use the Porous Mulching Fabric (product codes GDN-050/055) as this material is designed for planting through, and lets a constant supply of moisture seep through to the soil below – especially important if you have plants or bushes in the near vicinity, as in your situation.

The Ground Cover (GDN-060/065) is ideal for creating a standing area for potted plants and is commonly seen in nursery areas – this material is not so densely woven so does not have the same control with regard to letting water pass through.

Hopefully this brief description will prove to be of help, but if you require any further information, or would like a sample of each fabric, please contact us.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry and we hope to be of service to you in the near future.