Squirrels and Rabbits

Dear Michelle,

 Thanks for your e-mail.

 I regret your problem with squirrels and rabbits is a common one and not easy to solve.

 For the rabbits, the best defence is rabbit wire where possible. Try burying the wire under the soil, so rasbbits cant dig up plants and burrow underneath, also net round vulnerable plants. There is also a product called Grazers that you can spray on plants, this deters them from eating plants and it conatins calcium which is good for the plant.

 For squirrels, there is a product called Squirrel stop that is sprayed over areas that deters squirrels . There is also The Ultra pest stop sonic repeller that we sell. This omits a sonic sound that humans cant hear but rabbits and squirrels can, some customers claim they are very good at repelling pests.

 There are also humane traps for bot these pests. 

I suspect you are going to need to continue what you are doing and incorporate some of the above.

 Hope this is some help.