Small Steel Fire Bowls

These stunning Small Steel Firebowls will be a real eye-catching addition to any outside space creating a warming open fire on cooler evenings or colder days in the garden.
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Pack Content: single item
Size: 60cm and 80cm Dia.
Price: From £99.95
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The Fire Bowls are an attractive and practical addition to any garden, helping you make the most of the your outside space by giving extra warmth on cool evenings or colder days.

Manufactured from Cor-Ten® steel which is extremely durable and weathers to a rich rust patina over time adding to the aesthetic appeal of these attractive firebowls. The rust layer forms a protective barrier protecting the blue steel beneath, this gives the steel superb strength and longevity. as the steel weathers the fire bowl may cause staining on the surface it stands on through carbon or rust run off.

The small fire bowls are available in 2 diameters 60cm and 80cm. Each bowl has a stable welded base and has holes drilled for improved air circulation and drainage. The firebowls can also be used as a planter for shrubs, flowers and herbs. 

Steel Pedestals are also available which are the perfect stand for these firebowls to create a striking garden feature. 

Please Note - there is an additional surcharge for deliveries for Scotland, Wales and Cornwall - Please Call 0333 400 1444 for a carriage quote. This product is exempt from any promotions, discounts and express delivery.

  • High Quality Steel Firebowl
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • 60cm diameter x 14cm High - weight 10kg
  • 80cm Diameter x 21cm High - weight 17kg
  • Weathers to develop a rich rust patina
  • Rust layer protects blue steel beneath for great strength
  • Made from 3mm thick Cor-Ten® Steel 
  • Sits on circular foot (welded to base)
  • Holes in the base for maximum air flow and drainage
  • Can be used to burn dry garden waste
  • Cor-Ten® Steel Pedestals also available

More information about Cor-Ten® Steel:-

Cor-Ten® Steel is a special steel originally developed for bridge building and skyscraper construction due to its incredible strength. When the steel weathers it develops a dense oxidisation layer which protects the blue steel inside. If this protective layer is compromised, it will simply form a a new skin to protect itself. This makes Cor-Ten® Steel extremely durable and gives it far higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than other steels. 

When you first receive your Cor-Ten® Steel products they will arrive in an un-weathered or partly weathered condition. Once placed outside the weathering process will begin. This can take some time; the steel has a reactive patina period of between 3 and 9 months depending on location and climate. The patina or rust acts as a protective barrier - it will not penetrate or compromise the structural integrity of the material. The colouration of each item will vary as the weathering process takes place, eventually producing a rusty brown patina. 

Corten Weathering

Stage 1 - Freshly manufactured Cor-Ten® Steel. At this stage the dark oily residue coats the Corten Steel.

Stage 2 - The oily residue is beginning to break down, as the Cor-Ten® Steel begins to weather.

Stage 3 & 4 - The “Run-Off” stage – This can take around 3-9 months depending on weather and positioning.

Stage 5 & 6 - The final stages of the weathering process. Some “Run-Off” may still occur as the Cor-Ten® Steels patina develops to a striking more consistent appearance.

During the weathering process the Cor-Ten® Steel produces carbon run off or staining to adjacent materials such as stone or concrete. To reduce this possible staining, some Cor-Ten® Steel products are supplied with small feet or a stand, lifting the product and preventing direct contact with the flooring material. After the initial reactive period Cor-Ten® Steel will cure and self-seal with little to no carbon run off. The weathering process of Cor-Ten® Steel is integral to this product and as such we will not accept any responsibility for damage caused to surrounding materials as a result of carbon run off from Cor-Ten® Steel products. Please ensure you do not place your product on any surface that may be damaged during the weathering process.

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