Slug Repellent

Dear Jo

Could you please tell me if is there slug repellent that will do the job yet will not be harmful to our pet dog, which is a Westie.  Hope you can help.

Kind Fegards


Dear John

We do sell an organic slug product that is very effective in killing slugs and is completely safe to use around children and pets.  We use Advanced Slug Killer  here in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden on a regular basis with good results and it seems to be working on snails as well due to the amount of empty snail shells I have been finding around the garden.

I’ve given you some product information below to set your mind at rest regarding its safe use around your dog. 

The product is made from Ferramol which is the only molluscide certified for organic use in the UK. It contains Ferric Phosphate (Iron) and due to the way it is ingested in slugs it can be can be trusted for use around children and pets. It remains effective after exposure to rain, watering and sunlight. There is no time interval required between application and harvesting crops.   On moist soil or in humid conditions granules take up water and begin to swell. Slugs prefer moist and soaked granules. Once attracted to and consuming the bait pellet, slugs cease to feed.  They then crawl into the ground or a secluded location to die, leaving no unsightly trace of slime secretion and no necessity to collect corpses.

I’ve had a chat with the manufacturer’s this morning and they have advised that If you were to have a spillage and your dog was to eat the entire contents the worst effect would be that he would have a tummy ache after ingesting so much iron.

I hope this helps and that you soon get the slug problem sorted.

Kind Regards

Jo Blackwell
Horticultural Adviser