Slimline Eco Heaters

These Slimline Eco Heaters are not just traditional tubular heaters, they are stacked with features older greenhouse heaters only dream about. 
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Size: 0.5m & 1.5m H
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Traditional tubular heaters these Slimline Eco Heaters are not as although they may look like their tubular predecessors, they are stacked with features the older heaters can only dream about. 

Available in 1.5m lengths, these sleek, modern heaters are perfect for use in the same haunts tubular heaters made their name in - wardrobes, garages, sheds, boats, caravans, outside toilets, airing cupboards, potting sheds, mobile homes, portable buildings and many, many more - but due to the automatic heat sensitive cut-out and built-in thermostat, they won't guzzle your wattage and are perfectly safe to leave on.

With their sleek, white enamel finish, 4cm diameter and weatherproof IP44 rating - ideal for greenhouse use - the Slimline Eco Heaters are the answer to almost all your heating problems - and when you consider fixing brackets and a generous 1.5m mains cable (complete with plug) are supplied with all three slimline   

  • Slimline Eco Heaters supplied in 1.5m length option only
  • Heater has a 4cm diameter
  • Easy-clean white enamel finish
  • Sleek modern design
  • Automatic heat sensitive cut out
  • Thermostatically controlled 
  • Supplied with brackets for wall fixing or floor standing
  • IP44 splash rated 
  • Suitable for many different locations
  • Use in wardrobes, garages, sheds, boats, caravans, outside toilets, airing cupboards, potting sheds, mobile homes, portable buildings and many, many more
  • Ideal for preventing dampness and condensation 
  • Heater supplied with 1.5m long mains cable with fitted plug
  • Large Slimline Eco Heater has 190W output
  • Fully CE certified

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Heats but no good as frost protection By Anonymous 4 29th April 2016

Heater is well made and works (heats up). Thermostat is the problem - lowest I could get it to go was about 15 degrees with a 5 degree change between on and off. I bought 2 heaters to protect a greenhouse against frost but have had to rig an external frost stat to turn then on when temperature falls to 5 degrees. As standard, they would have been on all night given the weather in the last couple of weeks.

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Mrs Eliel By Anonymous 5 16th March 2015

Neet efficient little heater!

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slimline eco-heater By Anonymous 4 16th February 2015

does the job, kept unheated front porch warm enough for overwintering tender geraniums

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The thermostat on the Hylite Slimline Heater is a simple and effective way of ensuring the heater does not operate (and consume power) when the room in which it is placed has reached an acceptable temperature. 

The thermostat works in a similar way to that on a fan heater or a thermostatic control valve on a radiator i.e. the thermostat switches the power to the heater on or off dependent on the temperature of the heater itself.

At the minimum setting the heater switches itself on if its temperature falls below 20°C (temperature of the room will have fallen lower). It will switch itself off when it reaches around 50°C (although the temperature of the room will not have reached this temperature).

Our horticulturist says;"Tubular heaters have been used to heat outbuildings, sheds, greenhouses and airing cupboards for years but often like their surroundings, there's a musty, aged smell about them.

"One of the resons for this is that until now, tubular heaters haven't been thermostatically controlled. They've either been on or off and anyone who has ever brushed past one when it's on and burning hot will know what I mean!

"Not only has this posed safety problems but economically they have proved expensive to run - but with the new built in thermostat which comes as standard with the Slimline Eco Heaters, you can trust the heater to turn on and off automatically.

"This also opens up the world of gardening to the these tubular heaters as with a thermostat - and their IP44 splash rating - they can be used to good effect to take the frost off sheds and give some localised heat to greenhouses and potting sheds." 

What The Press Say

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Kitchen GardenJanuary 2016

What to Buy - Greenhouse Heaters Product Reviews

Slimline Eco Heater - these electric tubular heaters are available in 50cm, 1m and 1.5m lengths (approx. 19" - 5ft). They have an automatic heat sensitive cut-out and built-in thermostat. All are supplied with a 1.5m (5ft) long mains cable and fitted plug. KG verdict - This is a good product for a small greenhouse, garden shed or large cold frame. Very easy to assemble and can be mounted or be free-standing.

Grow Your OwnDecember 2013

On Test - Indoor Growing - Dave Finkle

Very neat and nimble for a heater, you can apply it in many situations, as long as the space isn't too vast, but I was also impressed that the brackets supplied were able to be used for either wall or floor mounting. Unfortunately the power cable is a little short which could limit its positioning, but that was soon balanced out by the flexibility of the built-in thermostat. It allows you to be in total control of the required climate, which is ideal if you are trying to harden off young plants.

Number of Articles: 6
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