Sheep's Wool Compost

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Sheep's Wool Compost is an excellent eco-friendly peat-free garden compost, which uses a mix of bracken and sheep's wool to retain moisture while releasing nutrients to feed plants throughout the season...More information

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Sheep's Wool Compost is an excellent eco-friendly peat-free garden compost that mixes bracken and sheep's wool to help retain water while releasing nutrients to feed flowers, fruit and vegetables throughout the growing season.

The idea originated from old gardening books that talked of wool's natural ability to hold water to itself, and provide long term nutrient release - wool is still famously used in the 'Rhubarb Triangle' of Yorkshire.

  • Supplied in 30 litre bags
  • Use directly as potting compost for pots, hanging baskets, tubs and planters and soak thoroughly with water
  • Suitable for planting flowers, shrubs, fruit, vegetables and trees
  • Natural water retention with high levels of natural potash to provide growing plants with the essential ingredients to maximise flowering and fruiting and promote healthy growth
  • Bracken yields a naturally high level of natural potash - captured in this compost
  • A real alternative to peat - but with a similarly soft texture
  • Made from totally renewable resources with great environmental benefits
  • A carbon neutral compost to help you garden more sustainable
  • Please Note there is a maximum of 3 bags per order - Ordering 3+ bags? Please call for a P&P quote

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Daily Mail26th January 2008

Chris Beardshaw also recommends the products in '3 Little Gems'

Gardeners have long known the water-holding capabilities of wool. Now it is possible to use a potting compost formulated from products left over from the industry blended with bracken to create a natural alternative.

BBC Gardeners World1st September 2007

Editororial Quotes

The moisture-retaining qualities of wool make this new compost ideal for those spots where water retention is important. It's also kinder to the environment than peat as it's made using sustainable resources.

Number of Articles: 3
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