Seasonal help required...

Dear Martin

I live in Edinburgh and share an allotment with a friend. When giving planting timings, all the books we have refer to 'early spring', 'late winter', etc. Can you give us a more exact definition?

Many thanks

Isabel MacNeill

Dear Isabel

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding the generalization in planting times. It's always been my understanding that the seasons each consist of 3 months as shown below;

SPRING: March, April and May

SUMMER: June, July and August

AUTUMN: September, October and November

WINTER: December, January and February

If you take the first month of each season to be 'early', the second 'mid' and the third to represent 'late', you shouldn't go too far wrong. Of course, there are countrywide variations as the south west of England enjoys much warmer temperatures earlier in the year than the north of Scotland, but if you use the information above, your seed sowing and growing will hopefully be successful.