Saggy Net Problem

Dear Martin

Hopefully you will be able to advise me...

  I have just ordered the appropriate netting (heavy duty 19mm X 19mm mesh) for my intended Fruit cage from Harrod's. The cage itself is an unusual shape in that it follows and uses the wooden uprights and curvature of a fence on one side and a straight fence on the other.

  In addition the height of the fruit cage is to be 8ft. This is for two reasons..

To accommodate the height of my fruit trees (columns) which should grow to a max of 8ft. To use the top of my greenhouse (which is sited within the Fruit cage) as part support for the netting.

I say the greenhouse only partially supports the netting as the fruit cage is some 40 odd feet long by approximately 24ft wide. The greenhouse is about 10ft long.

  I am looking to use an aluminium pole (25mm) from the top of my greenhouse to half way up a shed roof (to create the 8ft height). I notice on your web site that you can supply 25mm aluminium poles. Do you have a means of joining them together to make a single UNSUPPORTED (No poles going from the span down to the ground) span of about 28ft, and if so, do you think this would support your netting.

 Yours Sincerely..... John

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the aluminium supports for your netting.

After careful consideration I do not feel that aluminium poles would be the best way to support the netting as they would sag over a 28ft length with no ground supports.

However I have supplied plastic coated wire with wire grips to support netting before and customers have found it to be fairly successful.  The wire is used as a roof support on our timber cages, we do however supply timber internal uprights to support the netting and wire – (you can see this from the picture on our web site of the timber cage)

Please contact me on the e-mail below if you feel this would be a solution for your netting support and I can quote you for these to be made, I will need exact lengths of the wire.