Rusts on trees

Dear Julian

I have used your advice before, with success to control (to some degree) Rosemary Leaf beetle.
I have a new client that has 5 x Quercus Ilex in a formal garden. 4 look good with some signs of rust on some feaves (brown fury pads or spots on the underside of the leaf and the odd blister on the top or opposite side to the pad). The 5th looks much sadder and under stress in comparison. The rust is much more apparent and some leaves are totally covered in the brown and are curling inwards.
Do you have any solutions? I have noticed the rust on many Quercus Ilex on my travels. I have a certificate to use a napsack sprayer. What would you recommend?
Stuart Sullivan
Portland Landscapes  

Dear Stuart

Thanks for your e-mail.

For rusts on trees you really need some fungicides, which Harrod currently do not sell but are looking at natural ones for next year. In the mean time I suggest you spray with something like Difenoconazole [ Westland Plant rescue fungus control ] or Triticonazole [ Scotts Fungus clear extra] or their professional equivalents. In the autumn burn any fallen leaves or remove to take away infection points.

Hope this helps.